Getting Started

Achieving Your Second Promotion

Qualifying Sales Coordinator

Getting Started

Achieving Your SECOND Promotion —


The Power of 3

CLICK HERE to learn our formula of success.

QSC is achieved by adding more customers and partners, or ideally a combination of both. CLICK HERE to see how to reach QSC.

These videos are great to share the business with others. Take a few minutes and watch each of them. CLICK HERE to copy all links.

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Jumpstart To Better Health

How Juice Plus+ is Made

Clinical Research Summary (.pdf)

Who else comes to mind that needs to hear about Juice Plus+ and our business? Jot down some more names (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, people you do business with, etc.)

Put a * next to people on your list who you would love to work with. Then, select your top five and fill their information into this DREAM TEAM list.

Reach out to the people on your “Dream Team” list and invite them to join you in the Juice Plus+ business. CLICK HERE for some ideas of what you can say.

Connect your “Dream Team” with your support team for a 3-way connection. Connecting can happen in several different ways. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Juice Plus+ has many exciting events that you can plug into… or you can plan your own! Events are one of the fastest ways to build your business. CLICK HERE for some event ideas and resources.

We care for our customers in collaboration with the Juice Plus+ Company. CLICK HERE to see how simple it is to give them a great experience.

You have new team members—congratulations! CLICK HERE to learn how to enroll them as partners and get them off to the best start possible by guiding them through our simple “Getting Started” checklist.

Congratulations on achieving QSC!

Starting next month, you’ll earn another permanent 5% commission raise, totaling 10%.

What would building a steady, monthly income to you and your family? Your next step is to “Qualify Your Business” on your way to Sales Coordinator. CLICK HERE to access our training portal. The password is “revolution”

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