Customer Care

Now that you have a few customers, it’s a good idea to check in with them once in a while to reinforce their decision to take Juice Plus+.

We suggest that you schedule a reminder for yourself to to send a short message on day 10, 30, 60, 90, and just before their next shipment is sent.

Below are a few suggestions of what you can say support their new health journey as well as some fun and helpful resources you may find appropriate to share with them at some point.

Partner Connections

Day 0

Hey, ___________! I wanted to let you know that your Juice Plus+ order has been placed and should be arriving within 7-10 business days. I’ll check in with you then to make sure it arrives okay. 👍

Have a great day!

Day 10

Hi ____— I just wanted to check and make sure that your Juice Plus+ order arrived okay. Have you guys started taking it yet?

Awesome! Just a reminder that adults take two of each color  capsule per day, and kids under 13 only take one each day.

[…adults take four of each color soft chew per day, and kids under 13 take two each day.]

Day 30

Wow! It’s already been about a month since your family started taking Juice Plus+! Do you feel like you’ve been pretty consistent?


That’s fantastic! Have you noticed any subtle improvements in your health? Sometimes people notice more energy, better sleep, more regular… any positive changes to report? 😂


No worries… new habits take time to establish. I remember you said you were hoping to see an improvement in ______. Would you like me to share a few tricks I’ve learned that might help you be more consistent?

[…then suggest putting the bottles by a coffee pot or their toothbrush, set an alarm on their phone, divide into a pill container weekly, etc.]

Day 60

Hey, _____! Hope you’re well. Quick check-in to make sure all is well with your Juice Plus+. Are you about halfway through the box at this point?

Perfect. Let me know if you need your next order sooner than _______ when it’s scheduled to ship next.

One more quick question. We have an event coming up called “________” and I wanted to invite you because _______. If I sent you the information about it, would you take a look and let me know if it’s anything you would be interested in going to with me? 😁

Day 90

Hi, ________. Hope you guys are well. I wanted to see if you would like me to send you the link for an eCookbook filled with some delicious recipes that I cook sometimes. The Juice Plus+ Company created it especially for their customers. 😁

Would you like it?

Great—here’s the link:


How are things going with your Juice Plus+ by the way?

7-10 Days Before Their Next Shipment Date

______, you probably saw the email but I wanted to let you know that you’re next box of Juice Plus+ is scheduled to ship out on ________. I can also have it sent sooner if you need it before then.

Also… did you want to add any Complete Shakes onto that order? I know you were considering them earlier.

[…or select another product they haven’t tried yet.]

Helpful Resources

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