Is the way Juice Plus+® sold an MLM business scam?

No. Juice Plus+ is sold through a unique business model called the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise that combines aspects of several types of businesses. While the Virtual Franchise employs a compensation model adapted from network marketing – sometimes called multilevel marketing, or MLM – it is more closely akin to the franchise business model in many respects.

  • Similar to a franchise, the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell established branded products through a market-proven system supported by a corporate office. The Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise does not include the large franchise fees and other investments required by traditional brick-and-mortar franchise businesses, however.
  • Traditional multilevel marketing (MLM) programs have a primary, usually even single-minded focus on recruiting people into the business, instead of focusing on marketing the products to the end-consumer – especially those programs that might be considered an “MLM business scam.” Unlike MLMs, Juice Plus+ emphasizes selling a product, not recruiting people to participate in the business behind it. As evidence of this, more than 80 percent of Juice Plus+ product sales are to people who are not actively involved in the Juice Plus+ business.Juice Plus+ recognizes that not everyone is interested in selling Juice Plus+. For those who are interested in the business, Juice Plus+ has provided information on how to become part of the Virtual Franchise on a separate, business-related web site.
  • MLM programs typically involve requirements to purchase product inventory in order to make money. Juice Plus+ representatives are not required to purchase any product inventory, because the company ships directly to the consumer when orders are placed. In addition, the company closely monitors purchases of the product by representatives to ensure that they are not accumulating product.
  • “MLM business scams” usually position themselves as “get-rich-quick” opportunities. The Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise is marketed as a part-time business based on sharing information about health and nutrition and developing lasting relationships with customers. As with any business, the most successful representatives have dedicated their time and effort to gain the trust and respect of their customers.
  • Just like other businesses, the Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise provides full-time Juice Plus+ representatives who have reached the highest level of leadership in the company access to many of the same benefits that corporate employees receive, including health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, a family tuition fund, and a year-end bonus.